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All-American Brands That Are Actually Made In China and Other Countries

All-American Brands That Are Actually Made In China and Other Countries

L.L. Bean
Levi Strauss & Co.
New Balance
Radio Flyer
Melissa & Doug Toys
Brach’s Confections, Inc.
US Major League Baseballs
Chevy Silverado

Radio Flyer

The red wagon helped make Radio Flyer one of the most iconic American brands. However, this beloved children’s toy is not made in the Chicago plant anymore. The famous red wagon has been a product of China since 2004, according to NBC News. Radio Flyer tricycles and scooters are also made in China, along with other assorted items. As of 2018, two-thirds of Radio Flyer’s products were made in China and the rest were made in a factory in Wisconsin, Forbes reported. The company had approximately $120 million in revenue in 2018, according to Forbes.

Major League Baseball

Baseball is practically synonymous with American culture, so you’d think those pricey souvenir baseballs at MLB games would be American-made. However, the manufacturer, Rawlings Sporting Goods, produces them in Costa Rica. Workers spend 10 hours a day forming 108 stitches on every baseball, according to Reuters. The balls are then shipped to Miami, where they’ll eventually be used for only a few pitches each. In June 2018, Newell Brands Inc., the parent company of Rawlings, sold the company to private equity firm Seidler Equity Partners for $395 million, the St. Louis Business Journal reported.


Mother and Child

American Girl Dolls

In retail stores across the country and boasting the word “American” in its name, American Girl seems like a company that would manufacture its famed dolls in the U.S. In actuality, these dolls are made in China, like many other products by parent company Mattel. American Girl is based in Middleton, Wisconsin, with two warehouse and distribution facilities located there and a third located in DeForest, Wisconsin. American Girl Brands, LLC, is a privately held company. In 2018, according to a press release from Mattel, American Girl’s worldwide gross sales were $342.4 million, down 28% from the previous year.

iPhones and iPads

Apple is known for being an innovative brand. Recently, Apple teamed up with cultural icon Oprah Winfrey for a multiyear film and TV deal. But, that’s not what made the brand so popular.The iPhone and iPad might feel as American as the pie that shares their company name, but that is not the case. Even though Apple has its headquarters in California, manufacturing is done in China. Apple shut down its last U.S. manufacturing facility in 2004, according to Bloomberg.Although Trump promised to get Apple to produce its devices in the U.S. again, there is no evidence of this happening in the near future. Apple might shift some of its production out of China due to the escalating trade war, but the tech giant is considering Mexico and Southeast Asia for new locations — not the U.S., Nikkei reported. Apple, Inc. (AAPL) is a publicly traded stock on the Nasdaq stock exchange. In 2018, the company saw a jump in net sales, from $229.23 billion in net sales in the 2017 fiscal year to $265.6 billion in net sales in the 2018 fiscal year. 

The above lists are not to be exhaustive, but rather as examples only, and to date, really manufacturing top ten, include not just China, but also, Taiwan, India, Mexico, Brazil, and so on. Understanding Modern Manufacturing


    1. Modern manufacturing is a result of a multi-decades-long decline in output, as a converse mirror reflection in positive educational social up-lift

    1. The more individuals that achieved and continue to achieve higher education, the fewer lower educated available workforce exists.

    1. This is a trend going back to the seventies, and really began in the sixties as a large issue.

    1. The United States has instead focused on service-oriented industries.

    1. Service-oriented industries, since the eighties have been more than a one-for-one job replacement. This will continue to be so.

    1. These factors should glaring point out the need for legal immigration of different educational levels of individuals.

    1. The future of manufacturing will not be for the majority of human tediousness, but rather of robotics doing the teed.

    1. Will require instead, individuals that can manage the robots, and the A.I. Components.

Manufacturing Eco-System


    1. Defined as having all individual parts, manufactured, in a nearby geo location, that is next to final assembly.

    1. The reason for this is to allow quick identification and correction of development issues, which is cost-effective and not time-consuming and expensive.

    1. Reduces down time

    1. Many are within a five to ten-minute drive time next to each other.

    1. Most only take a few days turnaround vs the many weeks that it would normally be.

Future of Manufacturing Eco-Systems


    1. With the advent of AI, robotics will soon replace human workforces.

    1. Proximity will still be a key factor.

    1. The focus should be on future modern manufacturing, the continuance of MES with the reduction and or elimination of human components as much as possible.

    1. Cont of number 3. So that around-the-clock peak manufacturing can occur and be competitive.

    1. Optimization should be an aggregation of raw materials for manufacturing constituent elements and parts in any given product.

Through the above processes, American dominance in manufacturing can be achieved once again. Noting, due to the decay of decades, that it will take at least a decade to realize a positive gain in the manufacturing industry, at large. Allowing for individual companies to have markedly sooner dominant status as an individual group or entity. As stated by an entertainer, “We want to buy sneakers, not make them”, well now, we can do both. Robotics and A.I. will produce and we the humans can buy. Initial core manufacturing objectives


    1. Electronic conductors

    1. Electronic managing chips

    1. Agricultural

    1. Portable technologies and portable systems.

    1. Military systems, electronic and analog.

Understanding Modern technology in the manufacturing and service industries as relates to robotics and AI.


    1. Basic constructs need to be understood.

    1. As presented on its face, as a danger while has a probability factor, it is not the end and the all of it.

    1.  As relates to the new modern face a service greeter, or customer service rep, should be viewed as an avatar, and not a human being

    1. Therefore, there should be no human affiliations imposed by the user, as it is not an emotional support vessel but rather a function of communication of information between a user and a vendor and or supplier, in order to facilitate, a general exchange of ideas of problem or solution of vex.

    1. As relates to agriculture, A.I. and robotics can be adjoined, to function productive farm stead, be it for small and family or, be it of large and corporate scale.

    1. Adjoining agricultural solutions can be workforce makeup, where the robotics can be of individual bi or quad-pedal operations, incorporated with GPS and geogrid plotting algorithms to manipulate the farmland in its assigned activities, maximizing work and profit.

    1. Can be outfitted so that the only outreach is the GPS locator and transponder. Any modification to its software would have to be done locally and via a data disc-type device.

    1. This way in can be avoided the possible corruption of super-intelligent progenitor realization and action, which is unwanted.

    1. As relates to manufacturing, the same confinement as the number 4.

    1. If implemented correctly the A.I. can be a power assist, and augmentation to any sector and workforce if constrained so.

    1. Full A.I. should never be placed as self-acting in weapon systems, or into information systems without safeguards against self-actualization, self-realization, or self-action in any direction whether it be positive or negative.

    1. Programming should be of neutral and data point-only perspective. Self-motivation and self-views, including religious, political, and conceptual thoughts or idealizations, should not be included.

    1. It should always be of data point only.

    1. Include the laws of no harm.

    1. Be practical.

    1. Having A.I. and robotics in medicine and in research, and operations can be life-saving, and life-altering in the positive.

    1. Can be used to develop new ways of manufacturing, improving the periodic table of elements

    1. Other manufacturing sectors that can benefit, would be weapons and military sectors, in the manufacturing of them, but not the operation of them.

    1. Advance materials development.

    1. These are the forward ways we proceed. We should not hold back our full potential out of fear. But rather respect it. But use it.

    1. This list is not the all but is foundational.