Ever Forward.
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About Albert Harshaw

A Decorated Military Veteran

Making Sure To Serve The American People

“My family has been an ongoing tradition of service to the community and to our country for many generations, for Freedom and Liberty, for the United States of America and her people.

From my ancestors from the second world war, Vietnam, and for my part, the Bosnian Conflict thru to Kuwait and Iraq during Noble Eagle and Enduring Freedom.

I started out young. At sixteen, I joined my local fire company as an orange shield probation, until becoming of age, and meeting the requirements to attend the fire academy, and in that combination, earned my Fire Fighter Black Shield, from the then Governor, Christine Todd Whitman. There I also earned my way to the State Police First Responder Hazmat Team as an operator. During that time, I also worked in Restaurants, starting out at 14 as a dishwasher, and over time, becoming a chef apprentice. As such, I did so under three different chefs. Later, I went on to manage several restaurants. Where I specialized in location improvement, retraining, and improving certification scoring.

After leaving the United States Navy, I took on a job at Kawasaki Rail Car, where in which, I proudly, as part of a team, put into service, PATH train service system cars, 201 thru 302. Which, as a precursor to the job, was passing the railroad safety course and test, and earning a railroad safety card. Also, of which I am very proud.

My Military service was varied and rewarding. Having had the opportunity to work with some of the best people the United States had to offer. From duties that took me to Odesa Ukraine, to the sands and ports of Africa, to the shores of the South American Continent. I have been able to work with foreign counterparts. I was able to compete with most countries’ militaries thru military soccer and other sports competitions. During that time, I served on two ships, saw many countries, and accomplished many things. Additionally, like many other Americans, when the Trade Towers were attacked, I went back into the United States Navy and served in the MIUWU community. Through deployment to the Middle East, served our Great Nation, once again.   

During My Service, I Have Been Made Fortunate To Have Had To Diversify My Training, To Fulfill My Duties. These Included Studying Business Law, International Business Law, Maritime Law, And Various Engineering Schools. Lab Chemistry Water, Oil, And Fuels. Prior to leaving the service, I met the woman who would become my wife and had the fortunate privilege of getting married at the historic Fort Dix Chapel, in 2007.

Since leaving the military, I have owned and operated a few businesses. I have always lived by two standards. They are,

1.) When you die, make sure that they have a story that they can say for You, Good or Bad, Make sure that they have a Story.

2.) Rise and fall on your own accord.

My Family has had a saying when Uncle Sam comes calling, you get a going. And it seems that I have always been running into burning buildings, to save what and who we can.

Now it seems, that once again, our great Nation, Uncle Sam, These United States of America, calls once again to serve.

The genius of our founding fathers in the constitution of the United States of America has placed an opus, of for and by the people, and as so, one of its principle qualifiers, says the government shall be of for and by the people.

In order that we can regain our prosperity through unity, peace through strength, and be ever forward in our endeavors towards the future. A future where we place our people, our endeavours, our business, our education, as America First. A future, where we do not just imagine our dreams, but realize our dreams into reality. Together as one people, a people called the United States of America.

GOD bless you, your family, and the United States of America.”

Albert E. J. Harshaw

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Ever Forward
Prosperity Through Unity

Albert Harshaw, Republican Candidate for New Jersey U.S. Senate

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